Lake Chalice Wines

The Raptor Sauvignon Blanc

Imagine you are in a small woodland picking and collecting blackcurrants. Emerging from the woods, you hear and see the blue waters of a river surrounded by boulders and rounded rocks. As you wash your blackcurrants in the river, something surprising happens. The river is no longer blue. Instead, from one side to the other, it is completely covered with grapefruits bobbing downstream in the current. You grab one from the water and smell the intense perfume of its ripe skin.

Let’s have a taste. Tear open that grapefruit - it’s real - and have few of those blackcurrants. Glorious, isn’t it?

Can you taste the minerals and salts from the river too?

Later, on the news, you hear that a truck spilt its entire cargo of grapefruit off a bridge into the river. Turns out you’re not going crazy after all.

Open this Raptor Sauvignon Blanc 2020, and we’ll prove it.


Clear, bright, light green hues.Bouquet:Intensely perfumed with ripe grapefruit, blackcurrant and subtle flint notes.


Generous and full, layered with grapefruit and blackurrant, this wine is also underpinned by salt and mineral notes with a concentrated long finish.


Enjoy now and over the next 3 years. But we won’t judge you if you open it the second you get it home. As long as it’s still chilled.