Sparkling Wine NZ

Traditional sparkling winemaking techniques combined with New Zealand’s cool climate and plentiful sunshine produce impressively high quality sparkling wine in NZ. With precise fruit expression, naturally high acidity and mouth-filling palates, a sparkling wine made in NZ has become renowned for its depth, finesse and drinking pleasure. Marlborough produces a significant portion of New Zealand sparkling wine. A wide range of sparkling wine is produced in NZ, predominantly Méthode Traditionnelle from the classic varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but also aromatic styles including Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc.

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Sparkling Wine NZ

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Buy the best sparkling wine from our online store, which is perfect for that special occasion or celebration. Sparkling wine has a higher fizz caused by higher levels of carbon dioxide which can be natural or injected. Many of these wines tend to be dry, however, there are sweeter variants available, and we have sparkling wine available in varying colours from white to rose.

Sparkling Wine Made In Marlborough NZ

The regional stronghold of production, Marlborough’s cool climate and high sunshine enhance crispness, structure and defined fruit character in the Sparkling Wine. Benchmark quality and well-established production has also attracted investment by French Champagne Houses to produce their own sparkling wine collections in NZ. At Wine Divine, we stock a range of sparkling wines from No 1 Estate, make sure you check out this classic sparkling wine from our online store.

Sparkling Wine Made in France

The Traditional Method is commonly used to make sparkling wine, the same process used to create Champagne, though the styles differ with different grape varieties used and the effect of terroir expressed uniquely in each sparkling wine. The other method, Methode Ancestrale, produces a type of sparkling wine with fewer bubbles than traditional Champagne, in a bubble style far similar to beer. From Pol Remy, Kriter, and Veuve du Vernay to Castlenau, Edmond Thery and Lanvin, we have all your favourite sparkling wine from France.

Facts about Sparkling Wine

You would notice “Brut” on many of the sparkling wine labels. This means that it is a dry sparkling wine with a hint of sweetness, and it is the most popular sparkler. The winemaker stops the fermentation process, just before the yeasts have eaten all the sugar.

Sparkling wine NZ

Sparkling wine made in NZ has high acidity, which makes it an excellent companion to food, so look beyond its usual role as celebratory wine. It is a particularly brilliant partner for seafood and not just the classic match with oysters, smoked salmon, caviar and fresh sashimi will also shine. Sparkling wine made in NZ also cuts through the richness of the pork and will partner many Chinese dishes very well.

Although related mostly to celebrations, you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine all year round! Whether it be New Year, Christmas or you just want to celebrate that you made it through the week, a sparkling wine made in NZ or France is a great choice!

Almost everyone enjoys a bubbly sparkling wine in NZ. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get delicious sparkling wine made in NZ either. At Wine Divine, we stock a range of sparkling wine from NZ and across the world at various prices so anybody can pop a bottle and enjoy! Sparkling wine is also commonly mixed with a chilled orange juice to create a delicious Mimosa, the perfect beverage to accompany a brunch or start early celebrations. Brides commonly enjoy a glass of sparkling wine as the first drink of their wedding day.

Bag yourself a delicious bottle of sparkling wine made in NZ or somewhere else in the world, or give it as the perfect congratulations gift. Cheers, and enjoy!