McCashins Brewery

Stoke Pilsner Ale 6x 330ml

New Zealand Pilsners have redefined “refreshing” by layering flavoursome hops over a crispy, bittered lager base. Ours will land you in picturesque Nelson with its aromatic sauvin hop finish, the grassy notes and fresh aroma evoking images of classic Kiwi summers and endless hours of fun in the sun.  

Employing extra-pale malt for that nutty finish, and an extended cold conditioning period to deliver a unique spin on the classic Pilsner, we’ve used the finest natural ingredients and relentless attention to detail to create a brew which is as invigorating and inspiring as it is vibrant and vivacious. It has a good malty character that is evenly balanced by its crisp bitterness.

ABV 4.8%