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Never Never

Never Never Juniper Freak

Never Never Juniper Freak

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A navy strength expression of our Triple Juniper process, the Juniper Freak is an oiled up beast of a gin.

A yearly seasonal release, representing the freshest, brightest juniper character directly air-freighted from North Macedonia.

A pure juniper distillate is then collected and blended into a base made from our triple juniper process.

Bottled at the official navy strength of 58%, this gin is long, complex and viscous.

High levels of clouding occur when mixed, due to massively elevated juniper levels.



Harvested in September of 2019, the very first batch of juniper for the season was air-freighted from the Republic of North Macedonia to Adelaide to be immediately distilled by the Never Never production team.

The juniper harvested was brighter and more fragrant than previous seasons, due to the berries having a wide range of ripening stages. Due to the increase in demand for juniper more and more juniper is being harvested each year, putting stress not only on supply, but the juniper trees as well.

Our earlier picking time this year creates a green, fresh eucalyptus note to the gin.



Nose – Fragrant pine and earthy angelica with a touch of pepper berry spice.

Palate – Rich and luxurious. Juniper is the focus, starting dry and then ballooning across the back palate.

Finish – Incredibly long, with resinous juniper oils coating the palate and pepper berry developing late.





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