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Kiwi Spirit Distillery

Kiwi Spirit's Lime Liqueur

Kiwi Spirit's Lime Liqueur

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"Kiwi Spirit’s Lime Liqueur is created from juicy Kaffir and Tahitian limes and pure spring water. Hand crafted in the real sense of the word, each locally sourced lime is carefully hand peeled to release the zesty fragrance that ends up in a bottle of this delicious and interesting spirit. The moment the cork is removed, a flood of lime perfume envelops the area. Upon your first sip you will experience the full indulgence of Kiwi Spirits Lime liqueur, with a piquant lime flavour melting into a honey infused earthy finish. A light and crisp mouth feel intensifies this luxury experience resulting in an irresistible liqueur that no liquor cabinet should be without."


30% ABV

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