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Kiwi Spirit Distillery

JiuJiu Red Label Vodka

JiuJiu Red Label Vodka

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Jiǔ Jiǔ Red Label Vodka is a triple distilled, charcoal filtered vodka made with spring water from Golden Bay’s crystal clear aquifer. The result of this simple yet magical mixture is the world’s purest vodka.

The Chinese name Jiǔ Jiǔ is a reference to “be lucky and make nine” from an ancient Chinese game now known as Baccarat with 9 being the best one can achieve.
The Mandarin pronunciation of the name Jiǔ Jiǔ is a homophone for a “long-lasting, healthy and prosperous life”. We want people who drink Jiǔ Jiǔ to have lucky, long-lasting, prosperous health lives. This 50% Vodka is perfect for mixing cocktails.

750mL 50% ABV 

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