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Ecology + Co London Dry Light Tonic 4pk

Ecology + Co London Dry Light Tonic 4pk

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At Ecology & Co we never compromise on quality. Taking our natural ingredients in their rawest form, our Head Distiller, Will selects only particular parts of the plant to extract. Then, drop by drop, hour after hour, he distills each down individually to their perfect, pure essences.

Juniper berries. Coriander. Lemon. Liquorice Root, Angelica, Cassia, Basil, Cumin, Black Pepper and Orris. These exquisite ingredients combine to create the familiar, refreshing flavour of London Dry.

Now, we’ve gone a step further, creating our own range of distilled prepared drinks. Utilising our skills and palates in the mixology, our London Dry and Light Tonic has a delightful flavour profile that, we believe, could only come from a craft distillery such as ours.

It means you can enjoy a truly refined, non-alcoholic G&T, prepared for you by the Ecology & Co alchemists, whenever and wherever the mood strikes and without having to lift a finger.
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