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Citadelle Réserve Gin

Citadelle Réserve Gin

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Spirits that are barrel-aged are certainly nothing new. And that goes for gin too.


In 2008, Alexandre Gabriel caused quite a sensation by doing just that – producing wood-aged Citadelle Reserve. No one had seen an aged gin for nearly a century. In those days, when glass was too fragile and expensive and plastic and stainless steel were not options, gin was transported in wooden barrels. And so, became wood-aged. With Citadelle Reserve, Maison Ferrand celebrated the rebirth of golden gins. What began as a ‘family’ experiment in 2008 and shared with a few inquisitive bartenders and friends has now blossomed into a gin that is very much sought out today by bartenders and consumers for its different taste profile.

After several years of experimentation, Gabriel perfected his recipe: adding 3 botanicals – yuzu, genepi, bleuet– and resting gin in five different types of woods barrels – Acacia, Mulberry, Cherry, Chestnut and French Oak – for five months.

At the end of the five months, the gin is blended together and refined in an eight-foot tall, egg-shaped oak barrel of 2,45 meters high.
The egg shape of the wooden vat creates a natural convection that facilitates an harmonious and delicate integration when blending all different aged barrels. Citadelle is the only French spirits distiller to date to use this avant-garde technique, keeping in line with the forward-thinking principles and spirit of Alexandre Gabriel and Maison Ferrand.

This unique ageing method intensifies the citrus notes of Citadelle Reserve Gin and creates an elegant softness in the mouth. Bottled at 45.2% ABV, this gin is incredible in a classic Gin Martini.

Tasting notes :
Colour: Pale, limpid gold.
Nose: Herbaceous notes of dried spices, but also coconut shell, tobacco and orange flower. The second nose brings out notes of juniper berry and green tea.
Mouth: The first note is silky, abundant, a bit spicy/peppery, with hints of dried tobacco. Midtasting, additional notes of lemon zest, ginger and almond. A lasting finish.

Today, Citadelle Reserve has become the benchmark for aged gins and has received accolades from all over the world including top honours at the San Francisco Spirits Competition, World Spirits Award, Gin Masters and more.



45.2% ABV

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