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Wine Divine’s guide to Rosé

Light, sweet and fruity flavours make Rosé the perfect summer wine If you enjoy wine, drinking Rosé is sampling the best of both worlds. You can find the dry, crisp character from your favourite white wine, combined with the fruity flavours of Canterbury’s best red wines.

What is Rosé wine?

You probably know that red wine is made from red grapes and white wine is made with white grapes. Rosé is not a type of grape, but a way of making wine. It’s actually the skin of a red grape that adds most of the colour to a wine while it’s fermenting. It’s also worth saying you don’t make Rosé by mixing red wine and white wine together. Rosé is made by crushing red grapes, and taking the red grape skins out of the juice after a shorter period of time. Leaving the red grape skins soaking in the juice for longer makes the Rosé darker and more like red wine.

New Zealand Rosé

Rosé can be made using any red wine grape varietal. Think of a slightly sweeter, less robust version of your favourite Pinot Noir or Merlot. Most of New Zealand’s Rosé comes from Merlot or Syrah grown in the Hawke’s Bay. These Rosé’s are usually more robust and spicy. Most Rosé from Marlborough is Pinot Noir, and you could expect it to have ripe berries and stone fruit flavours. Rosé from Central Otago is also primarily made with Pinot Noir, but cherry, strawberry, raspberry and herb-like flavours are more common.

What does rosé taste like?

Within all the varieties of Rosé you will find two main styles. Blush and Dry Rosé.

Blush rosé

Blush rosé is usually sweeter, a lighter shade of pink, less acidic and have a lower alcohol content. This is because Blush rosé generally has less contact with the red wine skins while it’s being made. Classic blush rosé flavours are candy floss, green apple, apricot and melon.

Dry rosé

Dry rosés are more like their red wine varietals. Typically, less sweet, more acidic, darker in colour, with more of the classic tannic red wine qualities. Dry Rosé is made using all sorts of red wines, so the flavours will vary. Think strawberries, raspberries, dark plums and black boy peaches.

Best New Zealand Rosé delivered to your door

Wine Divine can ship your favourite bottle of Rosé direct to your door. Based in Rolleston, Wine Divine can ship direct to you, wherever you are in New Zealand. Whether you’re based locally around Dunsandel, Springston, Lincoln and West Melton, or further afield in Christchurch, Wine Divine can help you find your next favourite bottle of Rosé. Want some help selecting your next bottle of Rosé? Our friendly Wine Divine team is here to help. Just ask, and we can recommend the right bottle of Rosé to suit your palette.

Rosé wine tastings

Want to find out more about Rosé, but not sure where to start? Join the club! Come along to a Wine Divine wine tasting, to try a selection of Rosé’s and wines from around New Zealand. Our wine tasting evenings are casual, fun, and a great way to explore different types of wines. Come along to our next wine tasting event! Or, if you are organising an event and want to enjoy a Rosé selection, just ask! We can host your next private function. [Button: Wine tasting events]

Want rosé at your wedding?

We can help make your big day even more special with your favourite selection of Rosé. Wine Divine can provide the glassware, and even host a free wine tasting for you and your fiance to help you narrow down your wine options. We also offer a sale and return policy on all unopened and undamaged bottles of wine, giving you peace of mind when ordering. 

How to serve your Rosé

There’s something about Rosé that just makes it taste better in summer. The best way to serve Rosé is in a chilled glass on a warm day, while relaxing in the sun. The temptation when serving Rosé is cooling it too much. Let your of Rosé sit in the fridge for two hours so it’s chilled, but let the bottle sit for fifteen minutes before serving, so it’s around 10 to 12 degrees Celsius in the glass. If your Rosé is too cold, it will hide some of the flavours and won’t be as delicious. Want to try something a little different with your Rosé? Try adding some mint leaves, some sliced strawberry, crushed ice with lemonade, and you’ve got a fruity, fun drink to help you survive those hot Canterbury summers.

Rosé - Enjoyable all year round

Through all the shades of pink, fruity flavours, and refreshing types of Rosé, there is so much to enjoy. Wine Divine is proud to bring you some of the best Rosé’s from around Canterbury and New Zealand. Order a bottle of Rosé today, or ask for some Rosé in a Mixed Dozen Wine Case, and we can select some of our favourite Rosé’s for you.