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If you’re looking to buy Gin online, look no further than Wine Divine. We have a range of great deals on Gin from well known NZ brands, all available for competitive prices. We’ve put together a fantastic collection that includes Gin made in NZ, craft Gin, flavoured and limited edition Gins. Whether you’re looking to buy Gin online for cocktails, a classic London dry Gin or something flavoured, we stock something for all tastes. Our best-selling Gins include Gordons, Bombay and Larios, can be delivered directly to your door with our Gin delivery service nationwide. We strive to give our customers the best deals when they buy Gin from our online store, and we never disappoint. Please browse our range below to buy your favourite Gin online.

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Gin Delivery

At Wine Divine, we dispatch your Gin delivery the next day if you order before 11 am. We always aim to get your Gin delivery to you in the quickest possible time. Our couriers and the warehouse are doing an excellent job while strictly following social distancing, hand sanitising, wearing gloves, and operating our warehouse in a manner that allows plenty of distance between each member of our team. This means it's taking a little longer to get your Gin delivery dispatched. Despite the exceptional circumstances, we're still getting 90% of the Gin delivery sent within two to three working days!

A Little Bit About Gin

If this is your first time to buy a bottle of Gin online in NZ, you might be interested in the story behind it. Gin is a strong spirit which takes its taste predominantly from the juniper berry. This spirit has a dry taste, which mixes well with complimentary dry mixers and adds a unique flavour profile to a variety of cocktails. Deriving from the much older Dutch drink Genever, Gin become popularised in the 17th century during the reign of William of Orange in what became known as the "Gin Craze" that so firmly marred Gin's reputation in history Gin in NZ is, however, a world away from the dangerous home distillates of the Gin Craze, and it is instead a wonderfully aromatic spirit infused with botanicals in a variety of styles. Gin plays a crucial component of many NZ bars that offer cocktails and is the core of the much-loved Gin and Tonic. Over the past decade, Gin has grown enormously in popularity in NZ, and the number of brands in the marketplace has exploded, partly due to many new producers coming to the market as set-up costs are low. This results in a greater variety of Gin available online for customers to buy in NZ. The trend is now morphing more toward flavoured Gins, and the growth of Gin in the NZ beverage industry is exponential.

A Little Bit About Gin

Tips before you buy Gin online

A well known Gin cocktail is the martini, traditionally made with Gin and dry vermouth. When you buy Gin online in NZ, be aware of the different flavour of sloe Gin which is traditionally a sweet liqueur made from the fruit of the blackthorn and is infused in Gin. Wine Diven is your one-stop-shop for ordering premium Gin in NZ at best prices. Buy your Gin online from us, as we have sourced around the world to find the best Gin available online and instore. We only select a Gin to sell in our online NZ liquor store because it incorporates the best quality ingredients, along with exciting innovation, to produce a truly wonderful spirit. Try our bestseller Gordon London Dry Gin if you don’t know which one to buy, or the unique, premium Hendrick’s Gin from Scotland.