For Your Wedding

Let your most special day be a stress-free day with Wine Divine as your one stop Wedding solution doing all the hard work for you...




Our service includes:

  • Pre-wedding wine consult
  • Wine tasting with up to 6 people 
  • Confirmed wine/beer/spirits/ non alcoholic selections and quantities quoted for acceptance
  • Chiller trailer hire 
  • Load, transport and deliver chilled products
  • Chill down all beverages 24 hours before your day
  • Delivery to your wedding venue
  • Glassware including flutes, wine glasses and tumblers for all guests.


Weddings up to 80 guests - $850.00
Weddings up to 130 guests - $1000.00


Optional Addons (extra charges apply)

  • Bar staff (including tray and table service)
  • Cocktail service with our mixologists

Share your event details and we will be in touch real soon!