Bartending 101: 5 tips for the perfect Cocktail 

Bartending 101: 5 tips for the perfect Cocktail 

One of the greatest myths of cocktails is that you need to be a bartender and have a specific recipe to make them. Learning to mix your own cocktails is a fun way to explore your creativity, save a bit of money, and of course, share a few drinks with your friends. 

But it doesn’t have to be hard, here at Wine Divine, the place to buy liquor online, we have a few pointers when it comes to mixing the perfect cocktail. Here are 5 tips to making great drinks that you and your friends are sure to love!


Enhance Flavours

One thing you can do to add a little bit of flavor to your cocktail parties is to serve fruit juices. If you have some fresh berries, citrus, or pineapple, then feel free to add it to your cocktails. They are fresh and delicious, and guests will appreciate the bright citrus flavors. You can juice them, or add them whole. 


Experiment with Fruity Teas

Many people serve fruit juice as a base for their mixed drink mixers, but if you enjoy drinking strong wines as well, you might want to try infusing it with some teas. These are especially popular at holiday parties and are great for mixing with stronger wines. There are many different types of teas that you can find, so be sure to take a look at the varieties available before you make a final decision.


For the Bold & Booziful

If you like a more smoky taste in your cocktail, then you might like to consider using whiskey or scotch as a VSC base. There are many options of whiskeys, as well as single malt scotches that have a higher alcohol content than other whiskeys. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider a nice, inexpensive bottle of wine like Pinot Noir or Muscat. If you like your wine a little stronger, then opt for a Cabernet Sauvignon. Teas can also be added to tequila or rum cocktails to add even more complexity and depth to the taste.


Spirits as Mixers

Many bartenders choose to use a base spirit like vodka as a base for their mixed drink recipes. The reason they do this is that the alcohol base helps create a more martini-like feeling in the drink. For instance, vodka and tonic are a Martini-like drink, and vodka with a tannin base can be preferred to vermouth (tarragon and basil). This type of drink is commonly called a Tonic or Gin Martini. However, there are many different vermouths to choose from, including California, New York, and French tannin.


Distinct Taste

Many cocktail mixes also contain a "tart" or sharp flavor to help cut through the spices and liqueurs in the drink. Many bartenders choose to use a lemon or lime zest in their bartenders, mix up the drink with ice, and pour it over crushed ice in glasses. Most bartenders feel that mixing up the ingredients will make the drink much less complicated. However, if you find that you cannot get the balance right when it comes to tannin or ginger ale, try a simple spiced rum or gin with very mild ginger ale. As the base ingredient, tannin works well with spicy food. Many people use it to cut through the spices in hot dogs, or mix it up with their V8 (without the soda, of course!).


Ginger ale is often used as a base. Most bartenders mix up ginger ale for the guests who want a shot of ginger ale, but they can also use it without the base. It will taste just as good, and be less complicated to mix up. When you are looking for a way to cut through all of the spices and liqueurs in a cocktail, try using tannin with a little bit of ginger ale. If you use it together, you will have a drink that your guests are sure to love.


While there are no rules to the perfect cocktail, we hope these cocktail mixing tips help you come up with your perfect mix. . All good mixers are concocted to go well with your mood. The best alcohol mixers are those that are easy to use and serve right but should account for great times! Head over to Wine Divine to start shopping now for your alcohol home delivery NZ wide. 


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