A Guide to Gifting Alcohol in New Zealand

A Guide to Gifting Alcohol in New Zealand

Despite its appeal, the art of gifting offers a number of challenges: There's a good chance that your clothing doesn't fit, your art isn't everyone's cup of tea, and your books are intelligent, but lacking in panache. Are there any gifts that don't require customization and are always a hit, even with only two people? From hostess favourite to the most costly, we've put together a list of the best bottles to give as gifts. Buy liquor online with Wine Divine and we will deliver your presents New Zealand wide, from Auckland, to Christchurch, and  Dunedin! 

However, giving alcohol as a present is not a simple procedure. These purchases are often made for family members, friends, or coworkers. We all know someone who would be pleased with a bottle of something they could use at a variety of holiday gatherings. Perhaps your boss is a whiskey enthusiast? How do you decide which is the best option for your situation? A dilemma indeed! There's a good chance that some of your friends are craft beer geeks. Some of the beers that he or she hasn't had before would be excellent. Not nearly as tough as it may seem. After a time, you're stuck in a maze of choices at the liquor store.

The first step is to understand your audience.

Everything about this is quite clear. There are no ambiguities in this situation. Before you begin, do some research. I can assure you that it will pay off in the long run.  For example, your employer, he or she loves a little whiskey every now and again, no doubt about it! Great. There are an endless amount of whiskeys to select from, which makes it tough to narrow down your options. Bourbon or Rye Whisky are the best choices here.  If there’s an alcohol you know your giftee loves, going with that variety is always a safe choice. 

When in doubt, stick to beers and wine

If you don't know what's fresh, popular, or local, selecting a mixed six-pack of beer might be a difficult task. There's a beer for every season, so keep that in mind. The winter is no exception. Stoke IPA 6X could be your colleague’s new favourite beer. Especially when it comes to wine, it is safe to stick to an option like this - a mixed wine parcel to ensure variety!

Introduce something new & interesting 

This is the best way to surprise their palate! If nothing, they will get the option to try out different flavours. Gift them the latest Bourbon if they enjoy Jim Beam or Jack Daniels.. Your loved one will appreciate such a thoughtful present. Whisky makes a meaningful present because there are so many varieties to choose from. You can also expose a whisky enthusiast to something they may have never tried. Who knows, it could become their new favourite. What do you want whisky to say about this person? It might be difficult to choose the appropriate brand if you don't know your bourbon or your scotch. We’re here to help you out! 

Mark the occasion 

We celebrate major milestones in people's lives because they're special and  really worth celebrating. Here, the present you offer should reflect that specialness, thus it's either go for the high-end or go home. Milestones are few and far between, you won't be required to pay for these activities very often, so feel free to splurge! 

In the wine world, the gold standard is vintage sparkling wine. Wine that has been aged or fortified will also work. Choose a vintage that corresponds to the year of the celebration. Our rose wine selection here might come in handy!

Wrap it pretty 

Presentation is important when it comes to giving alcohol as a gift. A drab paper bag will not do justice. Instead, spend a few additional bucks on packaging that looks festive. Even while "To" and "From" gift tags are convenient, consider sending a meaningful message instead. Spirits must be given in a personal manner. Is it more enjoyable for them to sip their alcohol straight or in a cocktail form? This information will assist you in making an informed selection and will make your gift more personal.

Where can you buy liquor online in NZ?

At Wine Divine, we stock a wide range of alcohol from NZ and overseas, even from the big names in drinks such as Gibbston Valley, Luna Estate, Castelnau and more. Our online liquor store offers affordable prices that beat other online liquor shops and supermarkets. If you order your liquor online before 11 am, we can have your online liquor delivery sent the next day. Whether you're stocking up the home bar or organising a drinks event, we’re your one-stop liquor shop - our liquor store even offers delivery for wedding venues!

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