8 Brandy Cocktails you have to try

8 Brandy Cocktails you have to try

The only thing we’d rather be doing than writing this article is sipping on these delicious brandy cocktails. Who doesn’t love their Cognac? We sure do! We’ve compiled a list of the best brandy cocktails that you can make at home this season. To get started, keep your bottle handy or simply order one on Wine Divine for brandy delivery in NZ.

Brandy is a broad category of spirits made from fermented fruit mash and can be produced anywhere in the world. Apples, pears, and apricots are all popular fruits used to make brandy. In many people's minds, brandy is a drink to be enjoyed neat after dinner or while puffing on a cigar. In movies and on television, you see images of stoic old men in drawing rooms, smoking cigarettes, and swirling scotches. It's a strong spirit, but it's great in everything from hard-stirred drinks to refreshing sours.

Here are 8 brandy cocktails you absolutely have to try. Let’s dive in! 

1. The Penchant 

Making the Penchant, a brandy cocktail, is a delectable and straightforward technique. The Penchant has the flavour of a salted caramel apple topped with a dash of salt. This brandy cocktail is served without ice in a rocks glass and garnished with an absinthe rinse and salted rim. It is substantial and forceful. The addition of caramel syrup amplifies the flavour of the dish. Nothing compares to this brandy drink, and we strongly encourage you to give it a try.

2. Harvard 

Pretty much like its name, this is an ivy-league-inspired cocktail.The Harvard brandy cocktail is one of the most popular in the Ivy League. While the Yale (gin, bitters, and soda) and Princeton (gin, port, and bitters) cocktails are also noteworthy, the Harvard cocktail stands out for its intricacy and uniqueness. To begin creating an amazing brandy cocktail, start with premium components. If you use store-bought grenadine and lemon juice, you may be dissatisfied. While the citrus flavour is prominent in this cocktail, it does not overpower the other flavours; rather, it serves as an accent to bring out their best attributes. As a result, you'll have a sophisticated brandy cocktail with a bold flavour profile.

3. Brandy Alexander 

The Brandy Alexander is a sumptuous drink that has maintained its attraction since its introduction in the early twentieth century. It's not overly sweet, but it is opulent, and the three-ingredient recipe achieves the perfect balance of each. This  magnificent vintage brandy cocktail is made with just three ingredients: brandy, rich crème de cacao, and cream. While the basic recipe is the greatest, some prefer to add additional brandy. Maintaining equality has benefited us for a long period of time; so, why interfere with success?

4. Brandy Sangaree

With a history dating back to the late 1700s, this one-serving, complex-tasting punch is surprisingly easy to make. Port, sugar, water, and your choice brandy are used to make this sweet and fiery cocktail. The final touch is a nutmeg sprinkle on top, and your dessert is ready to serve.

5. Between the sheets

It's a fantastic take on the Sidecar, with rum replacing some of the Brandy in the Between The Sheets. By adding a small amount of rum to the brandy, you can give the drink a tropical flair without overwhelming it. A simple touch, such as the one in Between The Sheets, can elevate an ordinary drink to something truly extraordinary. This cocktail is delightful on a warm, sunny day and is appropriate for any occasion.

6. Oscar’s Isle

Oscar's Isle is the ideal drink for getting the evening started early. Due to the brandy and rum split foundation and the addition of sweet vermouth, this cocktail resembles a classic Manhattan. Once completed, fino sherry and maraschino will assist in balancing the dish by imparting nuttiness and depth of flavour. Oscar's Isle is powerful but not excessively so, and it is simple to drink while yet delivering on flavour diversity and depth.

7. Ides of March

The Death and Company bar in New York City's iconic Chelsea neighbourhood is where the Ides of March cocktail got its start. Resulting from pure ingenuity, this cocktail may appear difficult to make due to the numerous ingredients, but we promise you, you won't want to miss it. When brandy and rum are combined with a variety of other components, the result is a drink that is both unique and potent. This cocktail is appropriate for any and all occasions!

8. Ante 

The Ante is made with an exceptional apple brandy; it is crisp and dry, with only a touch of apple flavour. The Ante requires only four common household ingredients to construct. You should try this cocktail if you're searching for something crisp and refreshing or if you're in the mood for an upscale beverage.

We warned you to keep your brandy handy. Plan a party this weekend and try out these terrific brandy cocktails. For brandy delivery in NZ, Wine Divine is the perfect New Zealand online liquor store. We can deliver a wide range of high-quality brandy, spirits, wine, and beer direct to your door  

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