5 Tips for buying Wine Online in New Zealand

5 Tips for buying Wine Online in New Zealand

Wine lovers unite! We are here to talk about ways you can get wine delivered to your doorstep without you having to leave your couch. Welcome to the world of Online Wine Delivery!
Wine connoisseurs who know precisely what they want but don't know where to get it would benefit from this article, as will those who are new to both buying wine online and shopping online in general. There's no reason to not buy wine online, unless you're able to visit the vineyard and taste the wine. There are numerous benefits to buying wine online, besides the fact that you have access to a broad array of choices in champagne, red or white wines. Online wine deliveries save you that trip to the liquor store,   so you can still enjoy a brand new selection at home. It is like browsing through your favourite online clothing or lifestyle brand, but better because you can buy sparkling wine online!

If you’re trying wine delivery online for the first time, here are the 5 you should definitely keep in mind. 

  1. Read about the delivery

    If you're making an online purchase, you'll want to spend more on the wine than the shipping expenses. Some stores offer free delivery if you spend over specific amounts, so familiarise yourself with the minimum order quantities. To receive free delivery, it's more cost effective to buy many bottles of wine than to buy just one. At Wine Divine, get fine wine delivered to your doorstep in Auckland and throughout  New Zealand. Our online fine wine delivery costs are calculated based on the postcode of the location in NZ and the number of bottles purchased in a single transaction.

  2. Think about the occasion

    A given event calls for a certain type of wine – certain wines are wonderful for drinking by the pool, while others are well suited for a romantic anniversary. Focusing on the meal you want to serve with the wine you purchase is also smart approach to obtain a solid pairing. Before you go to the wine shop, do a little meal planning, and then focus your conversation on wines that will go with each meal.

  1. Don’t shy away from exploring

    Find out about new wines - there are so many different types of wines to try, from different nations and seasons to different types of grapes, soils, and production methods. So if you enjoy Merlot, why not try a Shy Pig Merlot? Pinot Noir is also popular in England, Romania, New Zealand and Chile. The important thing here is to have fun and discover new favourites.
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  2. Schedule your deliveries & order in advance
    Just like regular online shopping, you have to schedule your deliveries well. If you need your wine on a Friday night, it is best to opt for wine delivery at least a week prior to make sure it arrives on time. Inventory issues aren’t an uncommon issue with online alcohol stores and you might end up losing out on the wine you want. When it comes to receiving the package, it is advisable to schedule your stay at home around the same time. In most areas that allow wine shipping, an adult must be home to sign for the box when it comes.

  3. Know what you’re buying
    The greatest wines aren't always those that cost a lot of money. No need to waste your cash on one bottle of fine wine in order to acquire the greatest wine. The price difference may rely on a number of external factors, including the country of origin and the taxes and duties in that country.

Most millennials enjoy their regular glass of wine and thus, internet wine dealers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Online wine delivery in Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin is becoming more widespread as online shopping becomes the primary method of purchasing goods. White, Red or Sparkling, buy your next bottle of wine from WineDivine. To make the buying process easier, keep these ideas in mind when you're ready to buy wine online.

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