Herrick Creek Microdistillery

Smokin' Right Rear Cinnamon Moonshine

Made 100% in New Zealand

"We use a mix of North and South Island corn, which offers an incredible cream or candy corn smell and flavour. The recipe we use is a traditional sour mash. Most of the corn is re-used in the next batch and the yeast never has to be replaced, if done right. 

Smokin' Right Rear is made in honour of Sprint Cars and dirt racing! It's hot, spicy, but sweet and fun as well. We let the moonshine rest with cinnamon until we get the perfect amount of sweet and spicy. This one is great for friends but can also make a mean 'Apple Pie'.

Why's is brown?

After distillation, we infuse the moonshine with the cinnamon for weeks and this imparts the red/brown colour into the spirit. We'll call the colour Rust since it's a speedway drink."


43% ABV