Manly Spirits

Lilly Pilly Pink Gin


Inspired by the vibrant & succulent summer berries of the native Lilly Pilly and rambling edible pink flowers found tucked in the coastal dunes of the Northern Beaches.

Thisfruity pink ginwith its all natural raspberry infused pink hue has been handcrafted for pure tastebud delight. The zero-sugarpink recipe allows for a balanced gin that isn’t overly sweet, making it the perfect base for a summer cocktail or the health conscious gin lover.


Tasting notes:

A classic juniper forward nose. The palate is balanced with softraspberry notes, leading to a dry earthy finish from the Native Limes and Blood Orange.

Key Botanicals:

Lilly Pilly, Riberry, Native Limes, Raspberry, Blood Orange, Coriander, Angelica, Orris, Juniper, Rosella flowers, Sea Fig(pigs face flowers), Nasturtium flowers

40% Alc./Vol.