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Larios 12 - 40%

Larios 12 - 40%

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Made of 12 botanicals including the classic gin aromas like wild juniper berry, coriander, nutmeg and angelica root

Mediterranean orange and lemon give Larios 12 its smooth yet complex and nuance flavour. Distilled four times with 12 natural botanicals and a final fifth time to include orange for a refreshing finish.

  • Appearance: Shiny, crystal clear
  • Nose: Subtle, exotic release of angelica root and
    orange blossom. Slightly spicy coriander and nutmeg marked with a persistent background of juniper berries
  • Palate: Elegant and fresh herbal sensations, light citrus touches and hints of botanicals
  • Finish: Gives a silk touch to the palate

    40% ABV


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