Lammermoor Distillery

Lammermoor First Edition Single Malt Whisky

The Lammermoor whisky begins with natural spring water sourced right from Lammermoor Station. After distilling, it's aged on-site in locally sourced Central Otago Pinot Noir Barrels made from French Oak. 

The climatic conditions are dramatic and this encourages the whisky to breathe in the wood depending on the weather. On a hot day, the wood expands allowing the whisky to breathe more, while on a cold day it contracts.This all helps in the ageing process of the whisky. 

This Whisky has fabulous colour and maturity for its age, but the extreme hot and cold climate accentuate and accelerate these complex processes.

Each bottle is numbered so be a part of Lammermoor Distillery's history and secure yourself a bottle now.

Tasting Notes

Nose:Gentle notes of dried fruits with overtones of malt and ancient wood shavings and lingering toffee notes. 

Taste: Sweet and creamy upfront with hints of boiled fruit pastilles, before building across the tongue, delivering a big mouthfeel of luscious chewy malt. A well-rounded palate settling beautifully into a finish that is soft, warm and long. A beautiful balance of all the elements.