Highland Oak Aged Gin 350ml

Is it a whisky? Is it a gin? It’s Pickering’s Oak Aged Gin –gin distilled in the usual way, then aged (finished) in a Scotch whisky cask. In this case, a whisky cask from the Highland region.


Tasting Notes

On the nose:

Slightly charred, warm oak with hints of Acacia honey. Lemon vanilla icing notes float on top with a distinct lingering finish reminiscent ofan orange whisky liqueur.

On the palate:

Light brown sugar nestles underneath a bold, piney juniper hit. Soft, sweet dried apricots and barley sugar notes open up into a long, rounded woody oak finish.

Suggested Serve

Serve short: neat or on ice, like your favourite whisky. Serve long: ice, ginger ale and an orange twist.