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Ginquisitive Tasting Ticket

Is Gin your tonic of choice? 

Gin has become a very popular drink of choice and there are many distilleries making boutique small batched Gins.


Welcome to Ginquisitive - A Social Gin Experience.

Inquisitive - having or showing an interest in learning things; curious. 

"Ginquisitive" - Having an interest in all things Gin!

If you’ve never tried gin before, or you’re already a fan and looking to try something new that won’t break the bank, our gin tastings are definitely for you.

You’ll try a selection of gins, enjoy some nibbles, and share stories with other gin drinkers.

Maybe even learn something while you’re at it?

To be clear, we’re far from gin experts ourselves.
We know what we like, and we know there is a gin to suit just about every palate.

As part of a social, approachable setting, we’re keen to help you find your new favourite. See you at Ginquisitive!