Finlaggan Cask Strength Islay Single Malt Whisky

This Finlaggan has a cask strength of no less than 58%, so buckle up. It is named after the old Finlaggan Castle on Islay, from which the Lords of the Isles and Clan MacDonald ruled the area. Today, it is nothing but a ruin. The whisky, however, is still very much alive. Even though it is an independent bottling, We have heard whispers the contents is a 6 Year Old (most likely Lagavulin). 

Colour: Amber 

Nose: A mix of iodium, seaweed, phenols, and hints of sherry and smoke. 

Palate: Exceptionally smooth for a presumed rather young whisky. The taste is dry, salty, peaty, and smoky. 

Finish: Some spice and pepper. 


58% ABV