Dancing Sands Distillery

Dancing Sands Sauvignon Blanc Gin

Gin.  Meet Wine.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is famous for its bursting passionfruit, lime, and green apple flavours.  Through the use of a state-of-art distillation technique, we were able preserve the original wine flavours and create a beautiful gin.  The gin is remarkable with its Sauvignon Blanc nose and flavours while giving away to hints of Juniper berries and coriander seeds.  This fresh gin is your perfect summer companion.

The world’s first New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Gin made from vacuum distilled wine and blended with premium Dancing Sands Dry Gin botanicals.

Enjoy on the rocks or with a premium tonic and slice of lemon or lime.

Silver NZ Sprits Awards (2021)



37.5% ABV