Wine Divine Limited

Gin & Chocolate Tasting at Larcomb Vineyard

We are very excited to bring our Gin & Chocolate tasting to Larcomb Vineyard!! We will be tasting 5 different top quality gins and pairing these with the best chocolate you have ever tasted.  Cocoa Traders import a selection of chocolate from the award winning producer Marou. Marou chocolate is single origin, bean to bar chocolate and can be matched perfectly to a selection of gins. 

Ginquisitive is all about finding your new favourite gin. If your tonic of choice is gin or if you would like to learn a little bit more about this popular drink, come along. There will also be platters of food to enjoy after the tasting as part of the ticket price.


Friday 6th November 7:30pm

Come early and grab a drink from the bar. Cheers