Beach House

Beach House Sauvignon Blanc

Region:  Hawkes Bay


This block is machine harvested allowing the juice to macerate on the skins for a few hours extracting maximum flavour. Once back at the winery the ‘must’ is transferred into the press with all the juice being pumped into stainless streel tanks to chill overnight. The clean juice is then transferred to another tank and inoculated with a combination of two different yeasts. Fermentation is carried out at around 12 degrees to help retain all the aromatics that characterise this variety.

A far cry from your typical savvy this is obviously from the Hawke’s Bay as it exhibits a riper spectrum of fruit flavours including passionfruit and mango. A fruity and refreshing entry gives way to a relatively soft and rounded finish on the palate. This is a fruit driven wine with impeccable balance that is difficult to put down when served slightly chilled on a hot summers day