Want to know more about whisky, but not sure where to start?

Have you ever walked into a bar, looked at all the bottles of whisky behind the counter and felt a little overwhelmed?
Buying a bottle of Scotch whisky can be a big investment, especially if you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like it.

The world of whisky is incredibly diverse, and can be intimidating for whisky drinkers wanting to learn a bit more.
Welcome to Discovering Drams - A Social Whisky Experience.

To discover is to find unexpectedly or during a search. A dram is a small drink of whisky or other spirits.
If you’ve never tried whisky before, or you’re already a fan and looking to try something new that won’t break the bank, our whisky tastings are definitely for you.

A Discovering Drams tasting is a social whisky event.

You’ll try a selection of whiskies, enjoy some nibbles, and share stories with other whisky drinkers.

Maybe even learn something while you’re at it?

To be clear, we’re far from whisky experts ourselves.
We know what we like, and we know there is a scotch to suit just about every palette.

As part of a social, approachable setting, we’re keen to help you find yours.

Do you belong to a workplace whisky club? Social club?
Or just want to join the club when it comes to enjoying a casual whisky?