Wine Divine Limited

Blind Wine Tasting Experience at The Old Stone House - 29 October

In the Dark - Blind Wine Tasting

Are you stuck drinking the same wine over and over again? Sometimes buying a bottle of wine can be a jump in the dark and quite intimidating. Or do you want to prove to your friends, family and maybe yourself how amazing your pallet is? Join us for a fun, relaxed blind tasting evening at the Old Stone House with Vanessa from Wine Divine. Test your knowledge and pallet throughout the evening with our Blind Tasting quiz. Use only your senses to determine what's in your glass. Embrace the spirit of adventure when trying new wines without being influenced by labels, grape varieties or the country the wine is from. The winner will win a voucher for a bottle of their favourite wine from the night!

You will taste 6-8 different wines and learn in an engaging way to taste different flavours and understand taste. Antipasti platters will be shared to compliment the wines. The tasting runs for approximately 2 hours from 7.30 - 9.30 pm. 

30 Shalamar Drive Christchurch, New Zealand 8022